Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mystery Quilt

I've got a few quilts at the beginning stages.  The one that is farthest along is a mystery quilt.  I have to be careful what I say about it because it's a surprise and I don't want the recipient to read about it on my blog.

I've bought fabric and created a design for the mystery quilt.  Last night I began drawing up the 27" block that goes in the center of the quilt.  I had to piece together three separate sheets of paper to get a size large enough to accommodate the pattern:  a gridded sheet that wasn't quite wide enough and two large pieces of tracing paper which were also a little too small.  I plotted a few points, then had to check my drawing on EQ6 for more details.  That's as far as I got.  Tonight I'll finish drawing the large block, then decide how I'll create 4 identical, intricate triangles for paper piecing.  It sounds complicated, but it's kind of a fun challenge for me.

I may have to drop the project when some ordered fabric arrives.  The fabric is for another project that is due soon, and will have to take priority, since it has an absolute deadline of the middle of October.  But until the fabric arrives, I can work on the mystery quilt.

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