Thursday, June 25, 2009

Scrappy Stars Quilted!

Scrappy Stars is quilted! I used Patsy Thompson's techniques to do the quilting: using 505 spray to hold the quilt sandwich together, and loop-de-loop designs with stars to represent fireworks. I also added some starburst lines around the stars, which made them look like fireworks, while the loop-de-loop stars look like...well, stars! Interesting how the results were the opposite of what I intended. As the late painting teacher Bob Ross would say, they are Happy Accidents.

There were lots of boo-boos along the way, as I expected in this my first real machine quilted piece. But I'm proud of it, and I think it's beautiful. And, I'm sooooo glad I chose the gold. It rocks!

Close-up of the front

Close-up of the back. I chose a medium blue bobbin thread
that would kind of blend on the back and the front.

I am strongly leaning toward red or maroon for the binding. My friend Judy P. and I are going on a mini shop hop on Friday. If I don't find anything appropriate in my stash tomorrow, I'll look for something while we're out.


  1. Perfect backing fabric!
    Great job on the quilting!

  2. I love the back and the front! Red/Maroon is the perfect color for the binding. Nice quilt.

  3. I love your quilt. The quilting looks great, it really does look like the 4th of July!

    Pat L in NY

  4. I love it! You did great! The gold is perfect and Reghan said that "Grandma put lots of stars in her sky". I am looking forward to seeing it in person hanging on your wall. You even got it done before the 4th!

  5. That came out great -- I love the day/night contrast!

  6. I love it! You did a beautiful job quilting it too. You should be sooo proud!

  7. Thanks for the nice compliments, everyone!


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