Saturday, June 27, 2009

Binding Decision

I went to Beverly's to find red fabric for the binding. I'd just about given up when I checked out the fat quarters. I found two reds with gold in them, one having tiny gold squares and the other having gold swirls. I decided to get two fat quarters of the squares. I'll have to piece...oh, well.

After I got home I pinned the gold squares fabric to the edge of the quilt, but it was very bright and drew too much attention away from the quilt center. I tried out the other two reds that I picked up on yesterday's shop hop. One red and black looked like big dahlias or church window rosettes. I liked it, but it was pretty busy. I liked the dark red with black swirls the best, and that's what I'll use. It's interesting without demanding too much attention.

I cut strips, but didn't do anything more tonight. I probably won't do any sewing tomorrow, since I'm leaving for San Francisco. I have Monday off, so I'll tackle the binding then.

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