Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Background Started

I pulled lots of long dark strips from my cool color sacks, royal blue to black, stacked several on top of each other and cut them in two or three slices at an angle so the edges were uneven. I started sewing strips together to get the wonky striped look I want. I finished a section about 15" wide and 20" long. The section is large enough to get several 6.5" squares out of it, but I may hold off on cutting it up for now. My quilt's grid is 4 blocks by 5 blocks, with 4 star blocks sprinkled through the grid. I need a lot of stripes, and I'm considering using wide sections like the one I made tonight to take the place of 2-3 block-wide areas. I can always add on more strips to fill out width, if needed. So for now I'm leaving the big section intact.

Tomorrow I'll tackle another section.

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