Thursday, November 21, 2013

WIP Wednesday 11/20/2013

I've been working on a quilt for retiring co-worker Cecilia K., concentrating on making petals for a large flower. There are seven layers for each petal, and I've been using just one printout, trimming away each "ring" as I go to reveal the new pattern.

I got partway into trimming when I realized I was cutting on the wrong line. Horror of horrors!

A piece of Scotch tape saved the day and I trimmed away the correct part.

I'd been sewing on one layer at a time, trimming out the centers of the "old" layer as I go. I must have forgotten during one of the last layers, and had to trim away a double layer on most of the petals. On the left is what the back should look like after trimming; on the right is how most of the petals looked. Oh, well. That mistake didn't add much more bulk overall. Weirdly, I scared myself a couple of times, thinking I'd cut through too far. But they were all fine. Stress!

Petals from the photo above, flipped to the right sides.

For the last two rounds, I decided to sew them simultaneously. The pieces were very small, and the edges touched in the lower halves. The zigzag would easily cover both fabrics.

Finished petal


Seven petals arranged like a flower. I will probably add a center circle.

Petal inspiration - from a tissue box
I copied the shape, magnified from a couple of inches tall to almost 11", the size of a piece of printer paper. Personally I love the contrast of dark with light, but I subbed in the coloration of the partial petal seen to the left. It has a softer color combo, which reflects Cecilia's soft, gentle personality.

Next I'll make a set of three circle shapes, each four layers thick. I'll use similar methods as I did with the petals. They should go pretty quickly.

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  1. Wow! Your petals are amazing! Your co-worker is going to love it. Stopping by from WIP Wed.

    1. Thank you so much, Wendy. I'm pretty happy with the way the petals turned out and I'm sure that Cecilia will love her quilt. She'll be cuddling under it by this time next week.

  2. Wow the petals are FAB!! Love the colors and can't wait to see it finished!!

    1. Thank you! According to my spy, green is Cecilia's favorite color. So she should love the quilt. I'll finish it soon.

  3. Hmmm...Very interesting design. I love your color choices

    1. Thanks, LivinH20. The shapes and colors came from a tissue box that had Cecilia's favorite color green. The quilt is coming along. Working on the background now.


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