Thursday, April 25, 2013

WIP Wednesday 4/24/2013

Quilt top - part of a set that was sent to me by friend and Vacaville Binky Patrol coordinator Marilyn L. (North Hills Quilter)

Dark green print from stash, for border

I removed a section of the quilt top so the finished quilt so the finished quilt wouldn't be too long after adding border. Section is actually twice as wide as pictured.

Shortened quilt top

Dark green border attached


Taking the leftover section of quilt top to make a coordinating pillowcase. Light yellow is from stash.

Light yellow trimmed to size - Dimensions/directions found at Can't say I followed the directions, but the dimensions provided were very helpful to me.

This is the look I'm going for. Section from the quilt top folded in half width-wise so it is very long and narrow.

Sewed right sides together, then zigzagged over the edge.

Seam pressed. Not shown: sewed two remaining side, zigzagged. Turned pillowcase right out.

Finished pillowcase

Pillow inside

I plan to finish the quilt this weekend. The quilt and pillowcase will be donated as a set to Stanislaus Family Justice Center, which offers counseling to abused children. Each child gets to choose a quilt to keep. There are a few more quilt tops from Marilyn waiting to be finished. I'll get to them in due time.

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