Saturday, May 22, 2010

Chapel Window Quilt Top Done

Chapel Window is finished, but there are a lot of photos, so I decided to blog in two parts.  The project began with Musical Chairs Blocks from the book Quilters Playtime by Dianne S. Hire.

Finished top.  Read on for more details.

Considered using 1/4" bias tape for leading, but decided it wasn't necessary.

I created a template from tracing paper, 6.5" unfinished. 
The X through the corners helps with centering the template. 
I marked the corners with white tailor's chalk for trimming.

Block trimmed to 6.5" unfinished.

All blocks trimmed up.

Dark strip added to side.

Dark sides to all blocks.

Traditionally, there is a set-in seam in the corner.  I decided to take an easier route.
I placed a dark square on the medium strip and sewed a diagonal seam.

Excess dark fabric trimmed off.

Dark pressed into place.  I did not cut away the medium gray fabric behind the dark.

Ready to sew together.

Attic Windows block

All Attic Windows blocks

Narrow vertical strips sewn in.

Horizontal strips finish the window.

Narrow border attached

Next, quilting!

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