Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sylvia's Blocks Finished

I finished the last two blocks for Sylvia's quilt.  Below you can see the blocks laid out on the design wall, along with close-ups of a few of my favorite fabrics in the quilt.

I started with the white and black damask in this block.

I absolutely love the tennis shoe fabric I found on vacation last October.

The little blocks with the black dots are cute.

The white tone-on-tone print has what I call Chinese coins as the motif.  I used the coin fabric in another quilt many years ago, and decided this was a great place to use it again.

The  border will be a red tone-on-tone, which I purchased originally for On the Ocean Blue, but didn't use.  The red fabric appears in the bottom left and top right corners of Sylvia's quilt (see the first photo in this post).  I almost forgot to include the fabric in the quilt blocks.  I had cut a couple of strips of another red that I wasn't thrilled about due to its stiffness and waxy feel, when I remembered the border fabric (on the floor in another room).  I was really happy to abandon the "inferior" fabric.  By bringing the border fabric into the quilt blocks, it won't appear as an afterthought.

I'll start assembling the top with borders in the next couple of days.

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