Saturday, January 02, 2010

Between Quilts

I'm between quilts at the moment.  I haven't quilted since I finished my granddaughter's quilt Blue's Clues (see previous post).  I took some time to get caught up on some bookkeeping, and after I sew a pair of pants, I'll be ready to quilt again.  That is, when I figure out which quilt to work on.  My choices are:  Sylvia, a black/white/red quilt for my niece Sylvia who married into the family not long ago; Paris Brown, a quilt for myself from a Paris themed fabric I bought several years ago; Cathy's Southwest, a quilt inspired by a co-worker's Southwest-design shirt, and which I worked on during last April's seaside quilting trip. 

Here's the deal--I want to work on Paris Brown, but I need to work on the other two.  I have the urge to shop for accompanying fabric for Paris Brown, which is pretty compelling.  Sylvia's quilt has the nearest deadline, and would be a quick quilt.  I could finish it in a week or so.  Cathy's Southwest has the next deadline, late January to mid-February.  It is more involved, and would take 2-3 weeks.  Paris Brown is also more involved, and would take about 3 weeks.  Since it's for me, there's no real deadline.  But I can't stop thinking about it!

Decisions, decisions.  I'm torn between following my heart and my head.  We'll see how I feel over the next few days.  Meanwhile, I'll shop for fabric for Paris Brown.

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