Thursday, May 22, 2014

WIP Wednesday 5/21/2014

I set aside Darlene's quilt temporarily to work on a quilt for retiring co-worker Diana G. The inspiration was a photo on her Facebook page, a landscape painting of a country lane. I had hoped to print the photo to fabric and build a quilt design around it. However, printer problems arose and I ditched the idea.

On to Plan B. In an internet search I found a block called Country Lanes. I shopped my stash and found some romantic fabric, which seems to work with Diana's style.

Electric Quilt sketch

Fabric from stash

There wasn't enough dark burgundy to complete the design. I was going to do a few blocks with the white-on-burgundy print, then saw the dark brown.

I chose the brown because it was similar in value to the burgundy and ties into the brown print on the far left, which I plan to use as border.

Four-patch blocks in two colorways

Strip set in burgundy

Cross cut

Country Lanes block laid out

Block in three horizontal sections

Block finished

The rest of the 13 blocks should go together pretty quickly. I should have the quilt top finished this weekend.

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