Monday, May 20, 2013

Make It Monday 5/20/2013

Fabric for new music themed quilt for organist friend Bob P. Bob enjoys playing and listening to classical music and I found a great fabric in that theme. I chose the blue because the combination of blue and gold reminds me of royalty, and I imagine the composers would have performed before kings and queens.

ElectricQuilt sketch of music themed quilt. Piano keyboard border, often in alternating colors or scrappy, was designed to look like a real keyboard. Tan areas in center and corners will be filled with music themed fabric. Center will be one large panel of the fabric, not cut up.

I've started a new quilt for organist friend Bob P. Bob and I have been playing music together at our church for a very long time - nearly 30 years. I am excited to make this music-themed quilt for my longtime friend and fellow musician. 

I'll start working on the keyboard border tomorrow evening.


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