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San Diego June 2012 - Days 5 and 6

Visions Art Quilt Gallery
Liberty Station, San Diego

Sign on the building. Apparently the area once was a naval station, now houses businesses.

One of many refurbished buildings

Tuesday, my last full day in San Diego. Since my daughter Lisa was at school much of the day, I had the rental car to myself. I drove to Liberty Station in the Point Loma area to visit Visions Art Quilt Gallery. I saw a lot of beautiful art quilts. I couldn't take any photos, but I made notes about techniques that I might try in the future in my own art quilts. The entry fee is $5 and well worth it. If you come to the area, be sure to visit. I know I'll be back.

Con Pane, an Italian bakery and cafe kitty corner from the gallery

I bought a cinnamon roll with raisins and a cappuccino to enjoy on the patio. I love to eat outside when I'm on vacation.

Pretty view from my table. The gallery is on the building on the left.

These windows are on the side of the gallery building. I wonder if they were pay stations in the naval days.

After I was finished at Liberty Station I found a nearby Jo-Ann's, where I picked up some navy thread to hem Lisa's scrub pants. It's a good thing I brought my little sewing machine!

Lock on a shopping cart at Jo-Ann's.

If you want a cart, it'll cost a quarter. I lucked out and found a loose cart. I'm guessing that particular Jo-Ann's has had problems with shopping carts walking away.

After Jo-Ann's I went to a nearby Von's supermarket in search of souvenirs for my granddaughters Reghan and Piper. I bought a couple of packs of zoo animal stickers which didn't cost much.

I headed back to the motel and waited for Lisa to arrive. For dinner we went to Panera not far from Lisa's house. Using a gift card from friend Ramin T., our dinner was almost free. We filled up the car with gas, then went back to the motel.

Panera - one of my favorite places to eat

I worked on Lisa's pants for a bit, then we drove to the airport to turn in the car. Shelli C., one of Lisa's friends, gave us a ride back to the motel. I finished Lisa's pants, then Lisa and I said good-bye. I shed a tear as Lisa rode away on her motorcycle. I knew it would be months before I'd see her again and I'd miss her.

After Lisa left I got to work on the Every Seven Minutes quilt. I finished the last eight strip sets, then called it a night.

Last eight strip sets for Every Seven Minutes quilt

Wednesday, going home. I ate the last motel breakfast, packed, checked out, then walked to the trolley stop. My GPS said it was a ten minute walk, but I think it took twice as long from dragging my suitcase through the wet grass part of the way.

Stopping to smell look at the roses

So pretty. Perhaps it will inspire a quilt.

Trolley - just missed it. Oh, well, another will come soon.

San Diego Trolley
I'm using the dimensions (three times as long as it is high) for the strips in the Every Seven Minutes quilt.

I used the elevator to get upstairs to the trolley platform. It would have been too hard to take the stairs. I bought my ticket and waited just a few minutes for the trolley to arrive.

Courtyard at Santa Fe Depot, downtown San Diego

Entrance to the train station

It was a short ride on the trolley to the train station. I checked my bag, then set off to find the French cafe where I had eaten a few years before.

St. Tropez Bakery and Bistro
In the America Plaza, across the street from the train station

The decor is an interesting blend of Provence, French Riviera and Paris

The owner and a couple of other staff have French accents. It was so fun to listen to them.

Berry Fruit Crepes - Yum!

After breakfast I went back to the train station to wait. In the waiting area I saw a family who looked like they might be Amish. I was curious to find out where they were from, where they were going and why they came to San Diego. I usually have no problem talking to strangers but I chickened out. I fought the urge to take a photo, as it seems that is a no-no.

Once on the train, I passed up a four-seater as there was only one person sitting there, and I didn't want to risk being kicked out. Basically I wanted a plug for my phone and the four-seaters have plugs. I sat in the two-seater ahead until a young woman sat down with the man. Then I decided to join, since our group couldn't be broken up with three people. I sat across from the man, Michael C., who was headed to L.A. to visit with his niece. Michael is an American living in Mexico, operating a care home for Americans recuperating from surgery that they had in Mexico. I also learned that he had been an artist and an art teacher. We talked about a good many things, all the way to Los Angeles, at which point he handed me his card and invited me (and my daughter) to stay at his place for free. He said he didn't usually do that kind of thing, but he could tell I was a nice lady. Wow!

I had a seat to myself on the bus from L.A. to Bakersfield. Back on the train in Bakersfield, I sat in a four-seater with a young man, but soon moved across the aisle to sit with a woman and her little girl, probably to avoid being kicked out, and because the lady seemed friendlier than the young man. I talked to Rosa D.T., who was returning from graduation ceremonies for her masters degree. I left for a short while to grab some dinner, and returned to talk with Rosa for a while more before she and her daughter got off the train at Fresno. Rosa and I have become Facebook friends, and I plan to look up Rosa the next time I visit Fresno.

For the remaining couple of hours I tried to read Peter Walsh's book Lighten Up. I took a few notes and tried to visualize making some changes in my home. I am a clutter bug, but I'm trying to declutter a bit at a time.

Finally the train arrived at my station, I got off the train, picked up my bag and drove home. It was a wonderful trip. I got to spend a lot of time with my daughter, had a few adventures, and met some new people. I had a great time.


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