Saturday, January 22, 2011

Working within Limits

A Stashbuster member recently mentioned that she works from her stash, as opposed to buying new fabrics for a project.  She asked what we thought of working within limits.

I sometimes work strictly from my stash, especially for charity quilts and wallhangings.  Also when I do my annual quilting retreats by the sea, I usually work through a book, and I raid my stash for fabric, taking along anything that might work.  I use stash only for my stay-at-home retreats, as well.

When I limit myself to working with what is available, I get creative in choosing colors and prints.  If I'm working with blues, I'll reach into purple, turquoise or green if necessary.  A print might be used that I wouldn't have thought of before, after I talked myself into it.  These little "risks" make the quilts interesting.

Here are some recent examples of stash only and mostly stash:

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