Monday, November 15, 2010

Update 11/15/2010

I made some progress on Road to (secret), a quilt based on Road to California blocks.  While I was piecing together the quilt top, I started thinking about how I would handle the back, which would be pieced using leftover theme and solid fabrics.  Originally I had planned to divide the quilt top vertically for quilting in sections, but in the end I decided to split the quilt horizontally.  I think this plan will maximize the amount of theme fabric on the back.  The theme fabric will be oriented toward the center area of the quilt, surrounded by the same solid blue from the front.  After sewing together the back sections, it looks good and I really like how the large print is featured in two good-sized pieces.

Last night I got one of the two quilt sandwiches spray basted.  It was pretty late by the time I was ready to begin machine quilting, my machine is pretty loud when I quilt and I have common walls with neighbors in my condo.  So I set it aside to do tonight at an earlier time of the evening.  I hope to have the quilt fully quilted by bedtime tonight.

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