Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Keeping Track of Ideas and Project Lineup

A member of Stashbuster asked the group: How do you keep your WHIMMs (Works Hidden in My Mind) in the forefront of your mind? Also, How do you incorporate all the different potential quilt projects into your lineup?

Usually I have a couple dozen WHIMMs floating around in my head, inspired by a myriad of things. I usually come up with my own designs, some of them being pretty well set early on, while others are just a wistful thought--perhaps a title (Alice's View, My Little Monkey), a piece of fabric (Paris Brown) or a color scheme from a piece of clothing (Cathy's Southwest).

Some WHIMMs live in my head for years, waiting their turns to land, like so many planes circling a runway at a busy airport. Others get attention right away, motivated by an absolute deadline such as a birthday or retirement--those need to land now! Usually I can see three or four quilts making their final approaches, all lined up, one after the other. The rest continue to circle the runway, waiting patiently--for now.

I'm in the WIPs and WHIMMs group at Stashbuster and I appreciate being able to keep a list of projects on the group's database. I can review the list and be reminded of my ideas. As I review, a quilt or two will begin to insist on being made soon. Okay, you're on the short list!

How do I keep track of the ideas? Some WHIMMs are sketched on paper and put in a folder for later. The folder is actually labeled Quilts Landing Soon. Eventually I draw nearly every quilt on EQ6, and some are created there long before I'm ready to select or cut any fabric. Northwinds has been in EQ6 for several years now. I have yet to cut any fabric. Perhaps this winter. Some ideas like Parts Only are completely in my head. I know what that quilt looks like in general and that's enough until its time comes.

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