Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Design Coming Together

Last weekend I picked up a few more fabrics for Joann Sets Sail. I've been playing with design options in my head for the past few days. I like a controlled scrappy look, using many variations of just a few colors. My collection of two dozen or so creams and reds certainly reflects that. The tough part has been in deciding how to handle the scrappiness.

For some time I have considered varying the creams and reds rather willy nilly style, for maximum scrappiness. Then today I had the idea of using one light and one red per section of the Ocean Waves blocks, as illustrated below. By the way, the little print represents the sailboat theme fabric.

It's nice, but a little too tame for me. I went back to my willy nilly idea, but wanted to find a way to make things simpler for myself organizationally and production-wise. My current idea is to create four different sets of scrappy sections, each with its own identical scrappy layout, four per set for a total of 16 sections. I think this will work well for the triangle paper I'll use for the half square triangles. I'm thinking of making some wild cards, to throw things off a little in each section, and take away some of the predictability.

So what you see above is kind of the plan as things stand now. Also, the red is shown as all the same fabric, but it will be just as scrappy as the cream. It feels good. I plan to sew this one in a traditional fashion, unlike the wonky style of Scrappy Stars.

My fabrics are washed, but I can't start sewing just yet. I've got a dress cut out for my granddaughter that really needs to be sewn. When I finish, I'll be able to get going on this quilt.

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