Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cool color scraps sorted

I finished sorting my cool (blues, greens, etc.) color scraps. It took less than an hour. (I watched a one-hour TV show that I'd recorded, skipped through the commercials and had time leftover at the end of the sort.) The fullest bag is 2.5"+, probably because I use that size for my bindings, so I have lots of long strips leftover.

I feel a little more organized now. Next time I want to make a scrappy quilt, I can go straight to the bag that contains the fabric width I need. That's better than my old method of pulling out a dozen different pieces from a big grocery bag, hoping to find a large enough sized scrap.

I will probably transfer the fabrics to 1-gallon plastic zip bags, which are more durable than the paper bags. During the sort I did appreciate the way the paper bags stood up straight without collapsing. However, the plastic bags are flexible enough to rummage around in without tearing, and I can see the contents much more easily. I've been storing my fat quarters and larger pieces in plastic zip bags for years--sorted by color.

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  1. That's a great idea -- maybe I should grab some lunch bags and sort through my own strips and crumbs.


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