Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pacifica 2009, Day 1

Here I am again in Pacifica, California, just a few miles south of San Francisco. I'm here for my second annual quilting-by-the-sea trip. My birthday was just a few days ago, and I'm thinking of making this a yearly birthday tradition for myself. Since I was traveling here by BART and a city bus, I stuffed everything into one suitcase: fold-up cutting mat, iron, toaster-sized sewing machine, lots of fabric, my tools and notions...oh, and a little bit of clothes.

Here's my sewing machine station. I'll be working on a couple of projects while I'm here. I may have stayed in this room last year. The motel manager thinks so, and it took a lot less time to set up my stations, relocate the alarm clock, etc. I didn't have to finagle with the extension cord behind the headboard, either.

Here's my ironing and rotary cutting station. Each drawer holds the specifics for each project, just to be a little organized.

One of my projects is a southwest-themed quilt. Here are a few nine-patch blocks that I made for it. My design wall is a towel over the TV screen, weighted down with telephone books.

There was a beautiful sunset tonight. I saw about 15 minutes of it. The water was an exquisite turquoise, with golden highlights. I remember this same look from a sunset from last year's trip. Gorgeous! I think I need to make a quilt in those colors someday.

Another pretty view of the sunset.

Despite the near-100 degree weather at home, it was pleasantly cool in Pacifica. I wore a sweater much of the time. This man decided to go for a dip. Brrrrrr! For dinner I ordered a pizza from Round Table. My favorite!

My other project is working from the book Quilter's Playtime. Here is Hopscotch in progress. More sewing in store tomorrow.

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