Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Stashbuster WIPs and WHIMMs

I've been in the Yahoo Group Stashbuster for about a week. There are several subgroups within the Stashbuster community, each focused on different aspects of reducing your stash, avoiding new fabric purchases and/or completing older projects that have been in the closet for a while. I decided to join the WIPs (Works in Progress) and WHIMMs (Works Hidden In My Mind) challenge. People in this group tend to finish what they start, even if it takes years to complete a project. This is different than having lots of UFOs (UnFinished Objects), where you tend to stop working on a project, for whatever reason, and move on to other things. I admit have a few special quilt tops that are UFOs, but I want them to be professionally quilted and finished. This can be pricey, so I choose to let those tops remain unfinished for now. My main style is to finish what I start.

As with most Stashbuster groups, there is a little competition in the WIPs and WHIMMs challenge. We all contribute strips of fabric to a kitty. As we finish a project, we earn one chance for a quarterly, as well as year-end, drawing for a share of the kitty. The more quilts you finish, the more chances you have at winning a drawing. However, winning the strips isn't my motivation for being in the group. I see it as a place to list my future projects, and to watch as my WHIMMs and WIPs become Done.

My Little Monkey quilt (see the previous post) is pretty much in the WHIMM status. All I have is the monkey fabric and a couple of ideas. I need to settle on a design and choose/buy more fabric. By the time I start cutting fabric, it will become a WIP.

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