Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pacifica, Day 1

Pacifica, California. Just a few miles south of San Francisco. I'm here on a three-day quilting trip. For years I've had a dream of renting a cottage on the beach for a week and quilting to the sound of the ocean. Just a few months ago I stayed in Pacifica at a motel about a block from the ocean. On that trip I discovered the Sea Breeze Motel, located just a few feet from the seawall, and many rooms with ocean views. I decided that I'd come back and stay there to do my quilting. Here I am! My motel room isn't a cottage, but it's close.

The view from my room. The black flecks are water drops on the screen.

The view from just outside my door
The view to the left

The view to the right

View of the motel from the seawall

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